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Welcome to The Open Bible Project

The Open Bible Project is a result of PlanetPreterist's goal of educating more Christians on the topic of Covenant Eschatology through the development, creation and publishing of a Covenant Eschatology study Bible. If you are interested in learning more about this project, please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). The latest changes can always be seen on the Special:Recentchanges page. You can also subscribe to our Atom or RSS feeds to see the latest changes dynamically.

Frequently Asked Questions

For specific questions related to the Open Bible Project, please consult our FAQ. If you wish to learn more about Covenant Eschatology, you can visit our parent website and read our excellent Outline to Covenant Eschatology which can be a great primer on the topic. If you are already familiar with the project and want to start editing right away, read the How do I edit, change or modify a page section for instructions on how to make edits and quickly get involed into the project. To quickly learn how to make changes, go to the Sandbox and play.

Current areas of development and analysis

We are undertaking development book-by-book and verse-by-verse. The Apocryphal Books and Josephus are listed here for reference and internal linking only and will not appear in the print edition. Follow one of these links to access an area you wish to add to, or an area you wish to study:

The Old Testament

The New Testament

The Apocrypha

The Works of Josephus

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